Governing Bodies

Governing Bodies

The Market is governed by a Board of Directors comprising 12 people chosen by popular vote from among the members and divided evenly between merchants, manufacturers and commercial agents, and three members appointed by the Barcelona Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping.

Honorary Chair

Aureli Casabona i Bel


José Luis Esteban i Mur


Pere Lluís Guillamet i Taberner*


Àlex Jiménez i Boixeda*


Jordi Archs i Miquel


Maria Came Barcons i Matavera*

Víctor Blanc i Marfà

Eduard Domènech i Rifaterra

Rosa Grau i Salas

Javier Massó i Oriol

Ramon Roset i Duch

Mercedes Ruiz i Gallud

Xavier Solanes i Tauler

Josep M. Torremorell i Mangues

David Vilà i Bajona

Ramon Vilajosana i Capdevila

* Appointed by the Barcelona Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping


The supreme governing body is the General Assembly, comprising all members who have belonged to the organisation for more than a year, are up to date with their fees payment and have not had a disciplinary case brought against them that would disqualify their participation.